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Upgrade Kits

Equipment is expensive, so extending the service life while adding modern new features can be very cost effective.

We've designed a system upgrade path with our "upgrade kit" packages. They add all our latest features and innovations to fielded equipment by providing the latest web browser control, touchscreen, remote control features, plus the latest security and operations for all our systems. It smoothly interfaces with our control software platform RoutwarePRO as well.

Get Started

To get started, contact our sales department with your unit serial number (usually located on the bottom of the system). We can then verify and quote you the exact kit for your specific unit(s). As always, all our equipment comes with unlimited factory technical support so you can have complete confidence with your upgrade package.



Here is a list of a few of the products that can be upgraded with these kits:

  • All G2 Mainframe system
  • S2084x Tri-Stage System
  • S24530E RS-530 System
  • S2560x Tri-Stage System
  • S2561x Tri-Stage System
  • S2562x Tri-Stage System
  • S64530 RS-530 System

    Legacy CPU Products

    Upgrade to Touchscreen and C3 Controller

    Detailed Description

    Many times, today's global economy can force extended product life demands on fielded equipment. While keeping a leading-edge pace on the control technology for our products, Universal Switching has introduced our C3 Controller. Its major technological advancements in system control are directly coupled to our front panel touchscreen design.

    We've designed these upgrade kits for most of our legacy systems where the benefit of all our advancements can be harnessed. The kits include a new front panel sub-assembly that is simple to install, a C3 Controller, all required hardware, and easy to follow field replacement instructions. To better illustrate the upgrade process, below is a sample upgrade installation video, plus a video demonstrating some of the excellent new features.

    What do you get?

    Our C3 Controller is integrated within all our new systems, however the following control improvements and features can be added to your legacy system with the installation of an upgrade kit:

  • Elegant color touchscreen
  • Choice of 4.3" or 10.1" screen size for 5RU and larger systems
  • I/O port naming alias
  • Enhanced features on Option X (10.1") touchscreen
  • System name assignment
  • SNMP compliant (v1v2 included, and v3 optional)
  • SNTP Network Time Protocol
  • LXI compliant
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • Realtime clock
  • Event scheduler
  • Event log (all commands and results)
  • RLT for maintenance planning (Relay Life Tracker)
  • 32-bit ST Microelectronics STM32 core
  • Custom labels for inputs, outputs, and cross-point configurations
  • Real time diagnostics (power supply, temperature, fan speed)
  • microSD slot (optional microSD chip for HIGH SECURITY environments)
  • Intra-matrix capability
  • Built-in web browser GUI
  • Backwards compatibility mode
  • Flash memory (no dead batteries!)
  • User customize TCP/IP ports numbering
  • User customize mDNS host-name
  • Firmware updates over Ethernet
  • 30-Day free trial of RouteWarePRO control software


    NOTE: The C3 Controller does not include a built-in GPIB port capability, so when upgrading a 2RU G2S400CE mainframe, there will be no GPIB port available. Likewise, when installing the C3 Controller in a unit where it installs at the rear, you will gain USB capability but again no GPIB port. We do have a GPIB-USB adapter for such needs.

    Popular Upgrade Kits
    Type to Upgrade 4.3" Touchscreen Kit Option X 10.1" Touchscreen Kit
    G2S400CE-xxx G2T400-UK N/A
    G2S600CE-xxx G2T600-UK N/A
    G2S1200CE-xxx G2T1200-UK(-2) ** G2T1200X-UK(-2) **
    G2S1600CE-xxx G2T1600-UK(-2) ** G2T1600X-UK(-2) **
    S24530E-xxxS24530F-UK(-2) ** S24530FX-UK(-2) **
    S2084E-xxx S2084F-UK (-2) ** S2084FX-UK (-2) **
    S2560E-xxx S2560F-UK(-2) ** S2560FX-UK(-2) **
    S2561E-xxx S2561F-UK(-2) ** S2561FX-UK(-2) **
    S2562E-xxx S2562F-UK(-2) ** S2562FX-UK(-2) **
    S2084E-xxx S2084F-UK (-2) ** S2084FX-UK (-2) **
    S64530-xxx N/A S24530FX-UK(-2) **
    ** Add the -2 suffix if your system has dual (redundant) controllers.

    Field Upgrade Demonstration


    4.3" Touchscreen Demonstration


    Option-X Touchscreen Demonstration

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