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USB-GPIB adapter for universal switching chassis legacy USB-GPIB adapter for universal switching chassis legacy


The introduction of our "C3" Controller said "goodbye" to our integrated GPIB port on our CPU's.

The C3 Controller is designed to provide the latest 10/100 browser control and operation for all our systems. It also provides "backwards" compatibility to systems already in the field. It integrates with both our G2T (touchscreen) and G2 (keypad) type chassis. It smoothly interfaces with our control software platform RoutwarePRO as well.


  • Provides a legacy path for GPIB control
  • Integrated USB cable
  • No external power source is required
  • Legacy CPU Products

    Legacy GPIB to USB Adapter (for C3)

    GPIB-USB Adapter

    Detailed Description

    Technology is has changed and today's satellite communication, ATE and broadcast applications demand reliability and stability. The introduction of our C3 Controller and CPU said "goodbye" to our integrated GPIB port. Our extensive C3 development process has resulted in an elegant and dependable platform. When we provide switching and distribution equipment solutions for these critical applications, our C3 controller is at the heart.

    This GPIB-USB product provides that necessary link to legacy control environments. Powered via USB (No external power source is required).





    C3 being pulled out
    As demonstrated in the picture to the left, our larger systems accept two of the C3 controllers for applications that require hot-swap redundancy. Not only does this provide a redundant controller, but also a redundant set of control ports as well.

    As can clearly be seen, today's popular and cost effective control ports are considered "miniature" when compared to the traditional GPIB port.

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