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Modular Analog and Digital Signal Distribution MDU4 replaces ETL, Quintech and Evertz Modular Analog and Digital Signal Distribution MDU4 replaces ETL, Quintech and Evertz Modular Analog and Digital Signal Distribution MDU4 replaces ETL, Quintech and Evertz Modular Analog and Digital Signal Distribution MDU4 replaces ETL, Quintech and Evertz Modular Analog and Digital Signal Distribution MDU4 replaces ETL, Quintech and Evertz

Model MDU4

This is the MDU4, a compact 1RU sized unit providing a flexible, low cost and reliable platform to mix-n-match a variety of signal distribution and conversion elements including RS530, 422 digital, TTL, PCM, UHD-SDI Video, RF signals, and other signal types to 3GHz.

The high modularity of the MDU4 guarantees design optimization for each configuration you choose, reducing costs and providing a high reliability result for your system architecture. It can be used with confidence within critical applications since redundant monitored power supplies are a standard feature.


  • Modular rugged 1RU aluminum frame design
  • Four single-slot element capacity
  • Distribution and conversion elements
  • Up to 24 different digital & analog element choices
  • UHD-SDI video capability (4K & 8K)
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Front panel power supply status
  • International AC power range
  • Dual AC input circuits
  • Removable rack-mount flanges
  • Rubber feet for bench-top use
  • Certified CE EN61010 (LVD)
  • Applications

    The MDU4 platform is designed to provide reliable signal distribution and translation for multiple channels. Rather than using individual components assembled in a patchwork “hobby shop” arrangement, the following installations may benefit from use of this product:

  • Protocol converters
  • ENG trucks
  • Test ranges
  • RF over Fiber
  • Telemetry sites
  • Antenna LNB power
  • Tracking stations
  • Satcom ground stations
  • Telecom installations
  • Signal buffering and re-generation
  • Computer room installations
  • Communication centers
  • Weapons testing centers
  • Satellite installations

  • digital and analog signal distribution switch system

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    Detailed Description

    The MDU4 takes cues from our rugged and high performance products of the past, and yields something new in the process. The 1RU sized unit is at home installed as a rack-mount unit, or on the R&D bench-top. Both rack-mount flanges and rubber feet are included.

    It also features modularity so it's simple to specify exactly what type of distribution or conversion elements you need. Up to four single-slot elements can be mixed-n-matched to meet your needs.

    Currently, there are 24 different elements available (see specification sheet) to configure for your growing needs, and offers both digital and analog elements (such as RS530, 422, TTL, PCM, ECL, LVDS, RF, IF, L-Band and UHD-SDI video). Custom or modified elements can be done by contacting the factory.

    The unit comes standard featuring totally redundant AC power circuits with dual international AC inputs (with line filters), dual power cords, spare AC fuses, and monitored power supplies. The monitoring provides both an audible and visual indication of a supply (or AC input) failure. An optional SNMP 10/100 Ethernet error trap for power supply status and alarm monitoring is available (contact factory).

    For a partially populated unit, filler plates are included. All elements and filler plates utilize quality captive stainless steel hardware.



    What's Included

    Each of our MDU4 units are delivered complete, 100% tested, and ready for installation & integration. The following items are included:

  • System
  • Two 6'-foot power cords
  • Resource disc (#MDU4)
  • Hardware accessory kit
  • Warranty registration card
  • Lifetime technical support

    Care should be given to the Resource Disc as this has all documentation and instructions. Electronic copies of the Operations Manual are included.

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  • Industry Accreditations

    • LXI Consortium World Teleport Assiciation NQA ANAB National Assiciation of Broadcasters