System S6400D:
Flexible Switching System
From 8x8, Up to 64x64

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High performance and expandable, the third generation S6400D offers coaxial switching configurations as small as 8x8 and can be expanded to a full 64x64. Simply install more modules in the field.  Configurable for Video, RF, IF, Data and many other types of signals. 

Front view of S6400D system
(large photo).

Main Features

This unit is available with different signal
performance features:

  • DC coupled: 
    Versions for NTSC, PAL or other types of video, T3 or similar data signal types
  • Low-Level AC coupled:
    For lower noise routing of RF antennas or other types of low level communication signals up to -5dBm. Available in 50 or 75 ohm versions.
  • High-Level AC coupled:
    For higher signal types like IF modulators and similar signals with a maximum of +13dBm. Available in 50 or 75 ohm versions.
NOTE: Universal Switching Corporation's policy is one of continuous product  development and improvement. Consequently, the company reserves the right to vary from the descriptions and specifications stated herein.



50Mbps '422 Data

DC-18GHz Backup

DC-18GHz Matrix


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ISO Quality


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