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Our Team

Our products are supported factory direct, and assisted by our global network of independent sales representative offices. These independent offices also represent other manufacturers with synergy to our product-line such as telemetry receivers, equipment racks, cables, relays or similar products.

Domestic Representatives
Our national network of domestic factory authorized representatives spans into nearly every one of the 50 states.

International Representatives
Supporting a comprehensive signal switching and distribution product line can only be accomplished with capable sales and support staff. Our international network of independent sales offices help us to accomplish this by providing local support to international clients.


A Few Words

Universal Switching Corporation (USC) is a privately held corporation in the city of Burbank located in southern California. The company manufactures best-in-class programmable signal switching and distribution products for rugged and industrial applications, government subcontractors, and for industrial or commercial customers in the US and abroad.

The company was created with three objectives in mind:

1. Provide the best switching, distribution and conversion equipment on the market.
2. Provide superior service and serviceability utilizing modular, expandable, leading edge designs by blending the full spectrum of available technology .
3. Provide our customers with timely and cost-effective solutions for all their signal applications.

the burbank factory 18,0000 square feet

Located in Burbank CA, the company owned 18,000sf facility is centrally located for both employees, suppliers, and also provides easy access to Burbank Airport for visiting clients. Original press release.

A little known fact is that the property that USC sits on was formerly Lockheed's secret division called "Skunk Works". This division was operated by Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson where very famous aircraft were secretly conceived such as the XB80, U-2, F-117 Stealth Fighter, and the beautiful SR-71 Blackbird (which still hold the worlds flight speed record).

In 2007, Universal Switching Corporation (USC) acquired Matrix Systems Corporation (MSC). Originally located in Calabasas and founded in 1969 by Jack Singleton, MSC pioneered many advances in the manufacture of high-quality, rugged, standard and modified standard modular switching products. Many of the standard products began as a special build to meet specific customer needs.

USC will continue to support most repairs and issues on an individual basis. For assistance with pre-sales support or reorders of MSC products, clients should contact For post sales support with any existing MSC products, clients should contact the USC support department directly at   

More Information about Matrix Systems Corporation

Why Choose Us

With over 25 years of expertise in the manufacture of signal switching and distribution equipment, Universal Switching Corporation has established a name for quality. With a core competency in the signal arena, USC is focused on switching and distribution needs within a variety of industries and the direction of future requirements. A range of USC products are used in the most sensitive of areas requiring high reliability such as aerospace and defense, surveillance stations, satellite communications, as well as “everyday” automated production testing and evaluation applications.

We utilize product materials that are the utmost quality & that's a major reason why the company has an excellent quality, reliability and support reputation in the sphere of signal management. Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System insures continuous product and process improvements each and every day.

Industry Accreditations

  • LXI Consortium World Teleport Assiciation NQA ANAB National Assiciation of Broadcasters