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S2562E low level analog switching matrix system S2562E digital analog switching matrix system


The S2562E switching system is a low frequency single-ended full featured non-blocking fan-out matrix for routing low level analog signals with up to 256x256 I/O's in one unit, or up to 512x512 in multiple units.

Conceived to replace manual patch cord bays and multi-couplers, this unit is designed for switching single-ended low frequency analog signals. The unit features low signal distortion and accurate DC levels. Separate 5RU units can be added for input and output level translation "buffering", signal verification or for differential input conversion.

Typically, the unit is married with breakout "adapter panels" where user signals are connected, or the "buffer" chassis. These adapter panels provide a whole extra level of flexibility for system expansion, keeping rack space usage to a minimum, and allows panels to be located separately from the switch.

By design, the S2562E can be easily configured to meet many needs, even as your needs change and evolve. The unit can be configured as small as a 32x32 matrix, to as large as a 256x256 matrix within the same box by simply sliding in modules. Either the input or output axis of the matrix can be configured independently in increments of 32 ports. Our technical staff can help configure the exact system for your specific application.


  • High reliability solid-state core technology
  • Redundant signal paths (Tri-Stage)
  • Routes analog signals to 2MHz
  • Ultra-high density, over 65,000 crosspoints in 5RU
  • Hot-swap module technology
  • Full access matrix with 1:1 connection or fanout to 10
  • Expandable configuration from 32x32 to 256x256
  • Multi-unit expansion to 512x512
  • Configurable with single or dual control CPUs
  • Built-in web browser
  • Remote control Ethernet, USB & serial ports
  • LXI 10/100 Ethernet includes TCP/IP, SNMP, IPv6
  • Command set is 488.2 compliant
  • Front panel LED back-lit keypad controls
  • High contrast vacuum-fluorescent display
  • Rugged 5RU high chassis (8.75”)
  • International AC power range
  • Self-monitoring hot-swap plug-in power supplies
  • Integrated rack mount design (19 inch)
  • Built-in chassis slide mounting (slides not included)
  • Certified CE EN61010 (LVD)
  • Applications

    Our S2562E is designed to automate connectivity of equipment with differential digital or analog signals.

    Rather than using patch cords, distribution amplifiers and multi-couplers, the following installations may benefit from use of this product:

  • Test ranges
  • Vibration labs
  • Telecom installations
  • Survivability labs
  • Automotive testing
  • Aerospace performance analysis
  • Weapons testing centers
  • Consumer goods testing

  • S2561E digital analog signal switching matrix 256

    Analog 256x256 Modular Switching System
    Instrumentation, Sensors & Audio DC-2MHz

    S2561E hot swap power supply matrix system

    Detailed Description

    Eliminating manual patch bays and cords, the System S2562E is a high-density switch array specifically designed for routing single-ended low frequency analog signals. Fully populated, this unit contains 256 input and 256 outputs where a given input can be connected to one or many (10) of the 256 outputs (non-blocking). It is perfect for sensors and similar instrumentation for analysis labs.

    The 5RU rack mount unit accepts up to eight input cards and eight output cards at the rear with each I/O card having two (2) 50-position Dsub (SCSI-II) connectors. There are 16-channels per connector. These cards install at the rear of the unit with the connectors rear facing. All cards are secured to the unit with stainless hardware for rugged and trouble free operation. For less than fully populated configurations, filler plates complete the user configuration to keep the fan assisted cooling system working at top efficiency. To complete the Tri-Stage configuration, eight mid-stage cards are installed behind the hinged front panel.

    The front panel includes a VF display and keypad with menu driven operation. The keypad may be pass-code locked to prevent unintentional operation. The unit can be configured with one or two (full redundant) hot-swappable plug-in control CPUs. Each CPU includes an LXI 10/100 Ethernet port (with web browser), a USB 2.0 port, and a muli-serial port (RS-232C, RS-422A & RS-485). Self-monitoring hot-swap plug-in power supplies are standard with an independent and redundant design. The unit has independent dual AC power inputs designed for any international AC power source.

    Plug-in C3 Control CPU Information

    Populating Unit

    The table below shows how many channels are available based on the number of input or output cards installed. You can independently populate input and output sections.

    Input Cards Channels Output Cards Channels
    1 32 1 32
    2 64 2 64
    3 96 3 96
    4 128 4 128
    5 160 5 160
    6 192 6 192
    7 224 7 224
    8 256 8 256


    What's Included

    The S2562E units are delivered complete, 100% tested, and ready for installation & integration. The following items are included:

  • System S2562E
  • Two 6'-foot power cords
  • Resource disc (#RDS2562E)
  • Hardware accessory kit
  • Warranty registration card
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Free firmware updates

    Two power cords are provided as the unit comes standard with redundant (and independent) power supplies. Care should be given to the Resource Disc as this has all documentation and instructions. Electronic copies of the Operations Manual and Programmers Guide are included, as well as RouteWarePRO control and monitoring software with a 30-Day free trial.

    Control Software & Drivers

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    Industry Accreditations

    • LXI Consortium World Teleport Assiciation NQA ANAB National Assiciation of Broadcasters