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Digital Signal Distribution DDU32 Rear View Digital Signal Distribution DDU32 Front View Digital Signal Distribution DDU32 Block Diagram Digital Signal Distribution DDU32 Rear View Digital Signal Distribution DDU32 Rear View Digital Signal Distribution DDU32 Rear View


The DDU32 product can be specified to deliver up to 3Gbps in dual 1x32 distribution channels for various types digital families (LVTTL, ECL, PECL, LVPECL, or LVDS). These signal types are either single-ended or high speed differential, and an optional trigger alignment function can also be specified.

The compact 1RU rack-mount design has all connectivity at the rear for a clean rack cabling installation. The unit can be power by a DC input, or a wall mount AC power adapter can be specified to be included.

Special Order

It should be noted that the internal design makes it simple to implement special or custom features at the factory should you have special requirements that need to be met. Contact the factory.


  • Compact 1RU aluminum construction
  • Choice of digital technologies
  • Very low (75pS) channel to channel skew
  • Quality build and construction in USA
  • High performance SMB connectors
  • Multiple units can be cascaded for 1x1024 system
  • International AC power range (optional)
  • Integrated rack mount design (19 inch))
  • Certified CE EN61010 (LVD)
  • Applications

    The DDU32 platform is designed to provide reliable signal distribution and translation for multiple channels. Rather than using individual components assembled in a patchwork “hobby shop” arrangement, the following installations may benefit from use of this product:

  • Radar trigger
  • Protocol converters
  • ENG trucks
  • Test ranges with clock and data
  • Telemetry sites
  • Critical event triggers
  • Signal buffering and re-generation
  • Ground station and infrastructure facilities

  • digital and analog signal distribution switch system

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    Detailed Description

    Precision high-speed digital distribution. Clock and data, and/or critical trigger timing and alignment. It's exactly why our DDU32 has been designed.

    The 1RU rack mount DDU32 design is simple, yet effective. The unit is designed with rear facing high performance SMB connectors. The unit is rack mountable with an illuminated power switch on the front panel, and all I/O and power connectors on the rear. To assist with providing the slightest amount of skew between all ports, the dual inputs are positioned at the center rear of the unit. Unused outputs do not need to be terminated.

    For clock and data distribution applications, many times the skew and alignment of data and clock signals is critical. This unit has a very precise skew design. An optional purpose built trigger and clock alignment feature is available with timing skew of <75ps through all ports.

    The unit provides an uncompromising combination of high performance and reliable digital distribution coupled with
    low cost. With a simple compact design, this product can supply over 3Gbps of performance.


    What's Included

    Each DDU32 unit is delivered complete, 100% tested, and ready for installation & integration. The following items are included:

  • DDU32 System
  • Optional wall mount AC adapter
  • Resource disc (#RDDDU32)
  • Hardware accessory kit
  • Warranty registration card
  • Lifetime technical support

    Care should be given to the Resource Disc as this has all documentation and instructions. Electronic copies of the Operations Manual is included.

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    Industry Accreditations

    • LXI Consortium World Teleport Assiciation NQA ANAB National Assiciation of Broadcasters