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Technology-Leading Switching Products

Universal Switching Corporation manufactures state-of-the-art programmable switching systems for use in the ATE, defense community, communication, telemetry and broadcast industries.

We provide connectivity solutions from 1x2 to 1024x1024. Solid-state, Digital, Fiber Optic and Relay technologies are leveraged for optimum and cost effective solutions. Most products can be viewed on this site or the downloadable catalogs, however if you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us or the regional sales representative in your area.

Catalog 21


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  • SLM32 and SIM32 Modular Switch Arrays
    All new L-Band and IF-Band units for high performance applications are introduced and configurable up to 32x32. (more)
  • New representation in SouthEast Territory: USC is proud to connect with the group at Test Equipment Solutions. (more)
  • G2T Touchscreen Mainframes
    Completely redesigned with new front panels, our G2T Series Mainframes are here. (more)
  • Linker System Released
    Providing new alternatives, USC announced the Linker System LS1601A   (more) 
  • RS-530 Digital Matrix Introduced
    This new unit is configurable from 3x3 to 24x24 for routing RS-530 DCE and DTE digital ports. USC announces the System S24530  (more)
  • Six New Redundancy Switch Units
    Expanding on our very successful and field proven IF redundancy switcher, we have released six new configurations spanning to 18GHz to help serve the global satellite communication industry. (more)
  • RouteWarePRO Version 3.0
    Providing a host of new features and improvements, RouteWarePRO 3.0 delivers the system engineer a solid control platform. (more)

NEW LXI Certified
System Controller C3
Coming this Summer!
Universal Switching Corporation
acquired Matrix Systems Corporation
September 15-18, 2014

St. Louis, MO  USA
RouteWarePRO 3.0
FREE 30-Day Control & Monitor
GUI Software Package

RouteWarePRO 4.0
Releasing in Oct 2014!

At times, correctly specifying switching equipment is very difficult. Some applications are terribly complex while others are fairly simple.  We would like to assist you by helping match and specify equipment to meet your requirement. Simply fill out our online quotation worksheet.

Tech Support, Drivers and Application Notes
Available for download, we have a number of items to help integrate new switching products, or to assist in integrating others. Our support section includes drawings, software, sample manuals and command protocols to help....(more)

Universal Switching Corporation has a network of engineering representatives across the country in addition to a growing number of international firms. Factory contact information.   solid-state switching, switching matrix, RF switching matrix, video switching, audio matrix, microwave switching, audio switching, video router, audio video router, video matrix, RGB matrix, VXI switching, microwave relay, VXI switch, VXI relay module, switching systems, switching, relay module, coaxial relay, coaxial switching, reed relay, switches, programmable matrix, matrix switching, NTSC switching, low noise, surveillance switching, radar video, data router, data switching, serial switching, parallel switching, security video, ate switching, ECL switching, ECL data, ECL, automated switching, programmable switching, telemetry switching, solid state, solid-state, non blocking, non-blocking, RF switching, attenuator, coaxial attenuator, data acquisition, blocking matrix, high intercept, IF switching, RGB switching, coaxial equalizer, multi level switching, tri-stage switching, multi-stage switch, PAL video, VXI test system, NTSC video, pesa, dynair, sierra video, hewlett packard, ad data, cytec, information transfer, ITI, matrix systems, racal dana

50Mbps '422 Data

DC-18GHz Backup

DC-18GHz Matrix


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